Balloon Sinus dilation

Balloon Sinus Dilation–treatment option for recurrent and persistent sinusitis sufferers!

Impact of sinusitis

More than 37 million Americans suffer from sinusitis every year, making it one of the most common health conditions in the country. Traditionally, those who suffer from the pain, pressure and other symptoms of recurring and persisting sinus infections have two routes to relief:

(1) medical therapy (antibiotics, steroids, etc.)
(2) functional endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS)

Now, qualified patients have a new treatment option, a simple office procedure called balloon sinus dilation.

Balloon Sinus Dilation–Instant Relief that Lasts

Balloon sinus dilation is a minimally invasive treatment option that can be performed by Dr.Gould right here, in the office. Balloon sinus dilation technology is used to treat chronic or recurrent sinus infections (sinusitis) affecting the sinuses above your eyebrows as well as under/behind your eyes. Dr. Gould will need to determine if your condition is one that may benefit from this treatment, and he can help you understand the risks and benefits of this procedure. The key objective of balloon sinus dilation is to reshape the anatomy to expand sinus pathways and restore drainage. The procedure utilizes small balloons placed in key places in the nose and sinus, which are then dilated to expand the sinus pathways. Balloon Sinus Dilation may be an effective, lasting option for some patients whose symptoms do not resolve with medication.[i] The balloon sinus dilation procedure is performed in the office, does not require general anesthesia, and in most cases patients are able to resume normal activities within 24 hours.[ii]

Video Animation of Entellus XprESS Balloon Sinus Dilation Treatment

Great Day St. Louis interviews Dr. Gould and his patient, Bud. Bud speaks highly of Balloon Sinuplasty stating, “My quality of life has improved significantly. Now, when I play on the floor with my grandchildren, I don’t get dizzy – a surprise plus I wasn’t expecting!”

Sinusitis is a debilitating disease affecting more than 35 Million Americans annually! Below are 3 patient videos describing how sinusitis negatively impacted their quality of life.

XprESS™ Balloon Sinuplasty, is a quick procedure that opens blocked sinus pathways by inserting, inflating, and then removing a small balloon, which restores natural drainage and offers instant life-changing relief that lasts. Below are 3 videos of patients explaining what it was like to have the procedure done.

Patients are reversing their sinusitis cycle by having the Balloon Sinuplasty procedure! In the videos that follow patients explain life after the procedure.

The following is an interview with a patient just 1 month following the Balloon Sinus Dilation Procedure. The Patient describes how the simple procedure dramatically improved his quality of life and would recommend it to anyone who is suffering from sinusitis.

Discuss Balloon Sinus Dilation with Dr. Gould today!

Dr. James Gould is sinusitis expert and experienced user of balloon sinus dilation technologies. He is also the founder and medical director of the St. Louis Sinus Center. Make an appointment with Dr. Gould today to determine if balloon sinus dilation is right for you!

Also,to learn more about sinusitis treatment options and balloon sinus dilation, visit and

Caution: Federal (USA) law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a physician.

[i] Stankiewicz, James MD, Truitt, Theodore MD, and Atkins, James MD. “One Year Results: Transantral balloon dilation of the ethmoid infundibulum” ENT Journal February 2010 Volume 89, Number 2

[ii] Stankiewicz, James, et al. “Transantral, endoscopically guided balloon dilation of the ostiomeatal complex for chronic rhinosinusitis under local anesthesia” AM J Rhinol Allergy: 23 1-00 (2009).

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